We all want Guests to enjoy themselves when staying in our Rental Properties, but as Owner’s we also want them to respect the Property, and for us to make some Profit in the process.

As Air Conditioning is now a must in all Rental Properties, many Guests are unfamiliar with how to use it properly and it can lead to serious overuse or misuse.  At first it may not seem like a big deal, but after the first rental season, when you receive your electricity bill back it can be a big shock.  Air Conditioning can account for up to 70% of your electricity bill, and so if Guests are forgetful or negligible it can make renting out your Property an inconvenience and a drain on your pockets.

Knowing the 3 main mistakes Guests can make with your Air Conditioning can help you in the long-term come up with solutions.

In our experience they are:

  1. Setting the Temperature Too Low
    The AC’s Thermostat works on Ambient Temperatures meaning Units have to work incredibly hard to make the room 16°C if outside is 40°C!! Setting the Temperature to a reasonable 23°C is suitable but unfortunately the majority of Guests don’t know this and make this mistake often.
  2. Leaving Doors & Windows Open
    As mentioned above, AC Units work on Ambient Temperatures so leaving Doors & Windows open means the Outside Temperature affects the Inside. Units have to work harder, using more energy and higher costs!
  3. Leaving Units Running For Long Periods
    Leaving Units running whilst Guests go to the Beach is a common mistake or having them run all night whilst they sleep. Air Con Units only need about 1-2 hours to allow a Room to reach Ambient Temperature but running them for longer uses up energy fast.


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