The AC Guard System is an Energy & Cost Saving Device installed next to the Fuse Board, easily accessible to Guests, Owners & Property Managers.

One Unit can control the Entire Air Conditioning making it extremely cost-effective.

A Reasonable Amount of Usage can be agreed based on the duration of each Guest’s Visit and the Size of the Property.  This Amount is what an Owner would expect to incur when Guests use the Air Conditioning and is included in the Rental Fee.


For the Average Property €20 per Week is sufficient.

This Usage Amount is provided as “Credit” via a Card which when inserted into the System enables the Guest to start using the Air Conditioning.
Let’s say for example €10 is the Reasonable Usage Amount: A Guest Allowance Card with €10 would then be provided and inserted into the System by the Property Manager.

The €10 Amount will appear on the Display and Guests can use up to €10’s worth of Air Conditioning.

This Amount ticks down throughout the duration of the Guests Visit as the Air Con is used, showing how much has been spent and allowing them to make adjustments on a daily basis.


The System warns when the remaining Credit is Low.  At which point Guests have two options: obtain another card from the Property Manager to continue using the AC or allow the Credit to run out and no longer be able to use it.

If a Guest decides to obtain another Card this will count as Additional Usage and it is within the Owners control whether to include this in the Rental Fee or take it out of the Security Deposit.

Either way the System protects Owners from any Overuse, helping avoid unnecessary costs and making renting more Profitable while at the same time giving Guests Full Access.

The Cards are Fully Re-Usable & Re-Chargeable (Empty/Used Cards can be sent back to us for Re-charging)
Installation takes up to 30 minutes and is performed by one of our highly qualified technicians.