What Values should my Guest Allowance Cards have?

We include 25 Credit Allowance Cards with your purchase of the AC Guard System.   These Cards are pre-programmed before they arrive so they can have Values based on your Preferences.  Values should be decided based on the Size of the Property, how many Air Con Units it has and the Average Length of a Guest’s Stay.

For Example
You may have a 3 Bed Property with 2-3 Air Con Units and you want Guests staying for 1 Week to spend €20 Maximum in Air Conditioning.
So we would recommend splitting your initial 25 Cards like = 15 x €20 & 10 x €10 (these can be used as “top-ups” if necessary
We can help you decided on the Values before you purchase.


Is there a Special Card for Owners or Property Managers?

Yes.  We include a Master / Override Card to be used by Owners & Property Managers.

This card is loaded with the maximum amount of Credit – 9999€
Using this Card means you can use the Air Conditioning whilst staying in the Property without worrying about it running out of Credit and having to use additional Cards.
If you lose or damage the Master / Override Card, you can purchase additional ones by contacting us.


Do I need to speak to my Property Manager or Keyholder?

We highly recommend asking your Property Manager to contact us before purchasing the AC Guard System as they will be the people who use the System the most.

Property Managers usually Meet & Greet the Guests upon initial arrival and so will need to insert the Card and provide a basic demo on how it works.

We work with a majority of Property Managers throughout Spain – they are always happy to store the cards safely and be on hand if Guests run out of Credit during their stay.


Do I need to speak to my Electricity Provider?

No.  This is an additional system inside your Property for monitoring how much Guests can spend on your Air Conditioning.

You still receive the same bill from the Electricity Supplier – with the AC Guard System you are simply controlling how much costs can be incurred from Guests using the AC.


What do I do with Empty/Used Cards?

Once all of the Credit on a Card has been used, it is deemed as Empty and cannot be used again unless recharged.

You can post Empty Cards back to us for recharging at a cost of €0.50 per Card.  We send them back within 48 Hours.
Alternatively you can dispose of your Empty Cards and purchase New Cards at a cost of €1 per card.


Do I Need 1 x AC Guard System for each Air Con Unit I have?

No, you only need 1 AC Guard System to cover the entire Air Conditioning System in your Property.

The System is installed next to the Fuse Board, usually behind the Front Door so it’s easily observable and accessible by Guests.